After bursting onto the scene back in 2011, featuring as a guest vocalist on Wretch 32ʼs critically acclaimed hit ʻTraktorʼ & writing Loick Essienʼs No.2 smash ʻHow We Rollʼ, infamous L Marshall has since been plotting away silently. His latest record ʻYellow Chevyʼ was a collaboration with Supadups (Drake’s ʻControlaʼ and ‘Too Good’) and gives us our first glance at the singerʼs matured style ahead of the release of his debut album ‘The Amazing Time Machine’.

”The song is an expression of what a good morning after should feel like… when you’re totally content with your activities the night before, totally satisfied with the outcome, that’s when to play it. We got sent out to Miami to do some writing and had everything we needed for an epic trip except a nice car… if we’d left it to the label the song would’ve been called ‘Blue Volvo’ or something equally mundane lol. We broke open our wallets and made epic memories, I think the record brings them to life.”

A captivating, charismatic writer and performer, L Marshall combines aspects of singing, rapping and all in between saying; “I’ve always had this style, I started out wanting to rap until I discovered I was a pretty good singer and went from there.”

Born Thomas Griffith in London, L struggled with having to conform during school. L remembers. “I was so much trouble that my mum decided to send me to Nigeria to learn some discipline!”. He returned to London at 18 to study Sound Engineering. During this time, he continued to build on the song writing he’d started as an 11 year-old. Choosing the name L Marshall both in honour of a character from the Manga series Deathnote, and as a nod to his joint hometowns of London and Lagos, he began to work with new producers.

L’s debut mixtapes ‘The Wait’ & ‘Kiss the Fire’ displayed a singer able to rock any beat; from gritty grime to emotive R&B, he flips effortlessly between fully-sung vocals to rap-sung choruses. Inspired by everything from relationships, to paying the bills, to dealing with life’s various poisons, this already proven hit-creator is modest but ambitious about his future goals. “I talk a lot about becoming known worldwide but I just want to reach as many people as possible… To be recognised and appreciated for what I do is really all I hope for.”

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L Marshall - Castles featuring. Little Nikki